Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life is a banquet & most people are starving… so lets eat rich! 8/31

These are the oh so true words of my quirky Asian art professor... who has never been more right.
Today was the first day of classes. We have no weekends, no weekdays, just on boat/ off boat day A & B. It just so happens that I unintentionally signed up for classes only on A days so I have class every other day.. don’t you feel bad for me?
I promise my posts will be more thick once we get to port, but for now Im just reporting the basics.

Here’s my class list:
Survey of Asian Art- field trips will be making Japanese scarves
Global Studies: Religion, Politics & Society – Buddhist temples and shrines
World Literature (trips: talking with African women writers in Capetown after reading their books)
Philosophy of Love & Friendship (trips: HIV/AIDS clinic in Namibia, Vietnamese Prostitution Clinic)
Everything is completely surreal at this point…

This sure isn’t jersey because… I fell over doing yoga- not because im out of practice- but because my yoga mat doesn’t absorb swells

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