Monday, December 1, 2008

Sometimes the Middle Gets Old

Yes, the middle of the ocean is beautiful. It looks like blue Easter egg dye was poured in the saltiness churning against the ship’s bow. But after nearly two and a half weeks the blue gets old and the boat gets very small. The three blocked dining times are the highlights of the day. We eat, sleep, workout… I’m not complaining, but I do miss the good old U.S. So in respect for America, here are the things I miss…

-       Lying on a couch.

-       Sundays.

-       Going out to eat.

-       Good fresh food

-       Taking a walk.

-       Autumn.

-       Not paying for Internet.

-       The people I love at home.

-       Solid ground.

This sure isn't jersey because... the Garden "Staters" are using the next weeks to soak up final drops of sun and the Californians just don't understand.