Sunday, September 7, 2008

Port #1 Salvador, Brazil: Land at Last 9/7

The feeling when we lifted off this morning from Salvador was incredible. We had only just gotten through the ship’s customs when we were greeted by brazilian performers playing drums and Candomble women passing out “wish bracelets.” But before we could indulge, we dove in a cab and told the driver (in my best Spanish) to take us to the airport. We had a plane to catch, a plane to beautiful Rio de Janeiro.

No more boats or waves, just us and the sky. I was ready, we ALL were ready to be on solid land, to eat deliciously fresh food and to celebrate Brazil’s independence from Portugal (even though we found out later that only silly Americans do this).

This sure isn’t jersey because… there are wild horses in the median, not plastic bottles.


Anonymous said...

sounds amazing! love the photos. how is it out in the middle of the ocean? are the waves huge? how's the night sky out there?

Anonymous said...

The side trip to Rio sounds fantastic. Glad you are going for it and seeking out every bit the ports offer. We look forward to each new entry. Pix make me proud!